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Hi, I’m Lauren. I write about current events and broader themes related to sexuality, gender roles, mental health and Mormonism, with the ultimate goal of empowering people to understand the role the more toxic parts of LDS culture and doctrine have played in their own lives and to overcome it.

I was born into the Mormon church, went to BYU and worked at KSL before leaving the church in 2013 and officially resigning in 2015. It’s only been in the past couple of years that I’ve started untangling the lasting impact the church has had on my life.

My identity is forever intertwined with Mormonism, for better or worse, but I’ve worn many other hats — journalist and activist among them. As I’ve embarked on my own journey of healing and met others who are doing the same, I’ve been struck by the shared pain many of us have felt, whether ex-Mormon, questioning or a believing member. Things like modesty talks in Young Women’s, worthiness interviews, sexual shaming and outright hateful policies can have a psychological impact that can last a lifetime.

With The Modesty Talks, my goal is to marry my two passions — writing and activism — to both understand and overcome my own negative experiences and help others do the same.

Find out more about the motivation behind The Modesty Talks here.

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